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Eligible for the New Generations Service Exchange (individual or group) are generally all young adults up to the age of 30. The minimum age of the participants shall be the age of majority in the host country, but not younger than age 18.  Applicants must have completed secondary school (high school).

Applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment to service and the ideals of Rotary. They shall be open-minded and have an interest in learning and experiencing new borders. It is expected that they have a good appearance and social competence.

Candidates shall be sponsored by a local Rotary club near their place of residence. Current Rotaract members and former Interact, Rotaract, RYLA and Youth Exchange students are encouraged to apply. However, membership in Rotary or as Rotary alumni is not a requirement!


Support of young adults in their development and education is one of the goals of Rotary International. Rotary helps youth find their place in the community and also opens borders to foster peace and understanding. Rotary encourages young adults to follow the idea of service. Rotary’s worldwide network of business and community leaders opens the possibilities for vocational training in another country.

The Individual Exchange is tailored to the needs of the individual participant. The applicant expresses his or her wishes concerning an internship or a job shadowing a specific field of work, in a specific country or for a specific period of time.. The Rotary Club and District check the possibilities to see if they can match the requests of the applicant. The participant will be hosted by the local Rotary Club, will stay in families or a dormitory and will be integrated into the local Rotary activities and engagement. Room and board are provided.

The Group Exchange encompasses broader vocational information and local cultural events. Within 3 to 6 weeks a group of 6 to 10 participants visits different places to learn about the local industry, administration, and education system. They also learn about local history and culture. The program is organized by the local Rotary District; several Rotary Clubs organize individual programs. The accommodation will be with families or youth hostels.


Applicants contact the local Rotary Club and apply for the program. In interviews, the ability of the candidate will be evaluated. After acceptance, a formal application has to be completed. It is important, that applicants give a clear timeline for the exchange. After the first contact, it will take 3 to 4 months before the exchange can begin.

With this information, the Rotary Club and District work to organize the exchange.

Who is responsible for which expenses?
Generally, the Host Rotary District and Club cover the costs for room and board and travel inside the District if required by the program. The participant pays for the travel costs to and from the Host District, for an accident, health and liability insurance, visa and passport requirements, immunization (if necessary) and personal expenses.

After your local Rotary Club has accepted your informal application, download the attached application. The PDF application is writable, you can fill it out on your computer, print it, sign it and give the formal application to your Rotary Club. If you apply for an Internship or a Job Shadowing a “Letter of Motivation” and a “Business Resume” may be requested. Your Rotary Club or District will inform you about all necessary documents.

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